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 You could tick all the boxes in terms of experience, education and skills when applying for a job, but if your email address is too informal it could be holding you back。申请工作的时候,你的工作经验,学历和技能都达标,但是如果你的邮件地址太不正常的话,这会在求职时拖你的后腿。
 Research has discovered that addresses considered cute or funny, and even those that contain underscores, can hinder your chances。研究者发现可爱滑稽或有下划线的邮箱地址会让你错失工作机会。

  And this has the same negative effect on recruiters as spelling mistakes on a résumé。简历上的拼写错误对招聘人员也会产生同样消极的影响。

  The study was carried out at the Department of Social and Organisational Psychology at VU University, Amsterdam。这是由阿姆斯特丹自由大学社会与组织心理学系进行的一项研究。

  The team wanted to see if a résumé containing a formal email address would boost the applicants' chances of getting the job than an informal email address résumé。该团队想看看有正式邮件地址的简历,和有非正式邮件地址的简历相比,让申请者得到工作的几率会不会变大。

  It deliberately used different fonts, including Arial and Times New Roman, littered spelling mistakes throughout and altered how conscientious, intelligent, honest and humble the applicants appeared。该团队故意使用了不同的字体,包括Arial和新罗马字体,还充斥了拼写错误,并且改变了申请者本身的认真,聪慧,诚实和谦卑。

  The results show that recruiters do indeed assess the hirability of an applicant with a résumé featuring a formal email address higher than that of an applicant with a résumé featuring an informal email address,' said the researchers。结果表明,招聘人员的确会通过邮件的正式程度来衡量应聘者的应聘竞争力,正式邮件地址的简历比非正式的应聘竞争力高。

  And this detrimental effect was on par with that caused by spelling errors。拼写错误有同样不利的影响。

  This trend was only mediated if the applicant appeared more conscientious, or showed signs of humility。只有在申请者表现的更认真和谦卑的时候,这种趋势才不会影响应聘。

  "In summary, the results showed that when writing a résumé, it is important to use a formal e-mail address," concluded the researchers。从而言之,研究结果表明,写简历的时候,使用正式邮件地址很重要。

  "The initial screening of an applicant's résumé can strongly influence first impressions。初步申请者简历的筛选对第一印象有很强的影响。

  'Even "small" résumé characteristics, such as the email address, can determine a positive or negative impression by recruiters.'即使是例如邮箱地址这样很小的简历特征,可以决定应聘人员对求职者产生积极印象还是消极印象。